Thursday, 4 July 2013

Let's go back in time ...

I thought, you may be interested in knowing a little bit from the history of this fantastic hotel and magnificent building.

The hotel was completed at the end of 1990, however it was opened as Sterling Hotel Heathrow Terminal 4. It was one of three British Airport Authority (BAA) hotels opening at the major British airports of Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. The Sterling Hotel was designed by Manser Associates and manages. They aim was to capture the spirit of air travel and create an airport construction as no other.

Few year latter the British Hotel guest Survey identified the poor performance of the Sterling hotels and claimed that it was an unsuccessful decision to brand them as Sterlings and that they failed to woo the business. As a result of this in 1992 the Sterling Hotel Heathrow Terminal 4 was taken over by Hilton and was re-named to Hilton London Heathrow Airport.

Since opening in 1990, Hilton London Heathrow Airport hotel has won a myriad of architectural awards and continues to be one of the most impressive modern hotel buildings in the U.K. having served over 3.5 million guests since its opening.

The Hotel has gone through several refurbishments since opening, changing the interior of the hotel to more current and even more overwhelming design. 

Hope you find these few details useful and interesting.

PS: If you ever wondered what is the big rusty statue in the middle of the hotel, it is a 8m high rust-coloured  sculpture of Dancers made by a pop artist Allan Jones.

To help you imagine how it all started I have posted few pictures below.


  1. Wow I remember the old days so well, the hotel really hasn't changed just the people moving through it each day

    Love the blog

  2. Interesting read and good selection of photos! Really liked your blog!